bulletproof vehicles transportation

Is Armoured Vehicle Hire Necessary For My South Africa Trip?

bulletproof vehicles transportation

Utilizing the services of a bulletproof vehicle provider is not an economical transportation method and can increase the security costs on your trip dramatically. For this reason alone, armoured vehicles are not an suitable option for everybody.

Despite the increasingly high crime rate in South Africa, the use of an protection vehicle is not essential and solely depends on the nature of your trip. Everybody has individual situations and circumstances so how do you know whether or not you will need to invest in these services?

Through our extensive history in the security industry, bulletproof and armoured vehicles have repeatedly saved lives. If you can afford the service but have any doubt about whether it is a worthwhile investment, it is highly recommended that you do hire these services. A extra layer of protection could mean the difference between life and death.

But, as we all know, cost can be an issue and budgeting is a crucial factor for many individuals and organizations.

There is a vast range of various armoured vehicles to choose from. There's the B3 which is capable of protecting the inhabitants of a vehicle against any form of 9mm ammunition, this is the most basic form of protection available. From there, there is the B7 and the B6 protection levels. These are able to protect easily against 7.62 x 51mm.

The most popular level of protection is B4. This provides a well rounded and standard level of protection, able to resist against 9mm rounds, 357 and 44 Magnum and is renowned for being the most cost effective solution on the market.

With all this information in mind, you can now ask yourself the important question of is this level of security necessary of my trip?

Depending on your individual situation, the answer is likely to be no. Day to day travellers will not require such professional levels of protection but it is highly advised that you consider investing in this services if you are one of the following;

·An individual carrying highly valuable items. This can include precious stones such as diamonds, gold or other types of expensive jewellery. This also refers to people who are carrying large volumes of cash.

·People who are planning on travelling to specific, high level crime areas and regions, especially if travelling through the night.

· If you're a high profile, political individual.

· You are carrying Intel or other information that relates to a specific threat.

It's true that not everybody will require a convoy setup which consists of a handful of vehicles alongside a sizable team of CPOs. Most businessmen or VIPs would be adequately protected with just a single armoured vehicle which would include one highly trained, tactical driver alongside a specialist close protection agent.

If you require more information on whether or not you require armoured vehicle protection for your journey to South Africa or would like to ask more questions, simply contact us using the information on the Contact Page of our website and one of genuine members of staff will be able to assist you which whatever requests or queries you may have.