Lessons To Be Learnt

Kim Kardashian Robbery and What The Best Executive Protection Agents Learnt From It

Lessons To Be Learnt

It was a Monday morning when news spread across the globe, shocking the world, stating how Kim Kardashian had become a victim of an armed robbery in her apartment in Paris. Once again, the former American celebrity and French culture capital of the world were in the headlines receiving negative press.

Unsurprisingly shocked from the events that unfolded, Kim was not harmed during the incident. On behalf of Kim's fans and her global following, we express our deepest sympathy to the icon and her family for having gone through such a frightening ordeal.

In this article, we'll explore a couple of lessons that we can learn from this awful event and how executive protection agents and professionals around the world can better themselves from this experience. We'll be exploring what happened in the events that unfolded and what was stated in the 'after-action review'. From this information, as executive protection agents, we can try to minimize the risk of an event like this happening again.

Disclaimer: This article is composed of 'facts and information' we have sourced and read from articles in the media and other news platforms, the facts may or may not be 100% true or verified.

Also in this article, we will not be criticizing the actions of the executive protection team that was involved in the incident. We all have experience in the field and we all understand how quickly situations can go from good to bad in a matter of moments.

When assessing a situation such as this, it's important to note that executive protection agents work in a team and in most cases, never operate alone. Executive protection is and always has been a team effort that is backed up by existing technology and always operates within the parameters of a budget.


Protection professionals come in a variety of forms. Every agent has different background experience and knowledge from their previous missions and past experiences. The one thing every agent has in common is the fact they have to make the most out of the resources they have access to and try and attempt to complete their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Rumours circulated that the devastating robbery occurred early on Monday morning and that she was burgled inside her Parisian apartment. She was here as she had been visiting the city for the annual Paris Fashion Week.

According to local reports, the robbery was successful and thieves managed to take off with jewellery that totalled several million. Various reports from different media outlets have stated that Kim was followed back to her apartment by people who were acting suspicious but were posing as photographers, journalists and police officers before the robbery took place.

No one has yet taken the blame for allowing the incident occur and fingers are being pointed towards the operating police force, Eastern European gangs and poor security. There are also rumours speculating the event was an 'inside job'. 

Until information is validated, we can only assume what happened. Here is what we have learnt from the whole ordeal and what executive protection agents from around the world can learn to minimize the risk of this kind of event happening.

What's Known About Kim and Her Current Situation

Kim Kardashian is a popular role model to fans across the globe. She's renowned as a high profile celebrity that is constant in the public eye, with reporters, magazines and online media channels consistently tracking her every move and is regularly seen in the news.

As Kim's life is so wider covered, the criminals, including the majority of the planet's celebrity following population, are well aware that Kim was present at the Paris Fashion Week and that she regularly carries expensive jewellery on her personage.

The robbers would have needed more information than this to successfully carry out the crime.

Unknown to authorities at this moment in time, the criminals would have had to undergo well-organised surveillance or would have received a tip off to find out information such as;

·Where Kim was staying

·The number of security agents she has

·She would have been wearing more luxurious designer jewellery since it was fashion week

In hindsight, Kim was staying in a private residence in which it would have be easy to track where she was or follow her and, at the time, she only had one unarmed security agent protecting her, a security agent that also had the job to protect her following entourage.

With this background information, on top of the assumption that the robbers knew that Kim was present in the private accommodation without the presence of her security agent, who was present in a night club, protecting her entourage, the five armed perpetrators could have easily overpowered the property concierge and gained access to Kim's apartment.

From a security perspective, the job would actually have been conceived as a low-risk, high reward job.

Lessons To Be Learnt

There are a number of lessons to be considered from this incident using hindsight. It's easy to judge the situation when you're not present and unsure of all the details such as budget constraints but there are a few things we can note down to minimize the risk of situations like this happening again.

Given the information stated above such as the target being in a foreign country and left alone, a number of security measures could have taken to ensure that Kim would have be a more difficult target.

How To Minimize The Risk Of Being The Target

If you're a high-profile traveller and feel as though you may at risk when travelling to a foreign country, there are a number of steps you can take to minimize your risks. 

·Maintain the lowest profile possible.

·Use false names when checking into hotels or private accommodation.

·When booking hotels, always check to see what security personnel and processes are in place.

·Instead of checking in and broadcasting your location of social media, do this after you have checked out of the building.

·Be unpredictable with timings when entering and exiting a building.

·If attending a high-profile event or situation, be sure to employ the correct amount of security personnel that is necessary to cover you effectively. Your preferred security provider should be able to assist you in what is a suitable amount of agents for what sized event.

·Ensure there are ways you can communicate with your security teams in the case of an emergency such as buzzer or duress clicker.

·Make use of executive security companies who provide mobile surveillance systems that can remote initiate emergency protocols if necessary.

·Check before attending an event that your executive protection agents are able to identify hostile surveillance teams that could be watching or tracking you.

As with any event of this calibre, it's such a shame it got to the stage that it did and that Kim and her family had to witness such as terrifying experience and we hope that they will never have to go through something like that again.

We also hope that the events that unfold can educate and inspire executive protection agents and companies around the world as to what can happen in such a small space of time and in the future, can work together to prevent these events from occurring again.