Executive protection

No principal or event is beyond our capabilities

Executive protection

Magen is a South African registered, high-risk corporate protection and consulting service that can be applied to any security based situation or event. We specialise in providing solutions to a vast range of different risk categories such as: Corporate Executives, High Worth Individuals, Philanthropists, NPO’s (Non-Profit Organizations), NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations), Celebrities and many more.


By offering each our clients the most complete, tailor-made security package possible,
MAGEN can offer services that are suitable for any level of executive protection you may require.

Due to our extensive history in both the local and international security industry, our experience is unparalleled and consequently we have played crucial roles in some of the largest security operations and developments in South Africa to this day.

Alongside our comprehensive and professional approach to our client’s protection, MAGEN additionally has expertise in High Risk Protection, Emergency Planning, Security Consulting, Disaster Management, High Profile Event Security, Business Protection, Private Asset Protection, Personal Protection, Transportation Security.


By applying a combination of confident, strategic processes, rigorous circumstance-specific planning and flawless professionalism,
MAGEN consistently maintains a high level of commitment and discipline that consequently allows us to provide clients with a complete security package that caters for every possible detail.

By administering our collective experience from our extensive history, we are able to provide one of the leading protection solutions in South Africa and we can assure our clients that every possible outcome has been noted and prepared for, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that whatever situation you may find yourself in, our expertly trained and dedicated team is there, supported by our outstanding operations centre, focusing on you and your clients as their main priority.

At MAGEN, our tailor made security solutions are designed to anticipate and counter all unforeseen and unexpected occurrences which are addressed through the use of our strict and functional procedures. To support our operations, we utilize our own, independent intelligence cell that supplies us with current, real time security analysis information that allows us to be prepared and one step ahead at all times.

Furthermore, to assist our complete security service, MAGEN allows our clients to obtain peace of mind through the knowledge that our independent intelligence cell is constantly supplying our teams with up-to-date, real time analysis information, giving us the opportunity to confidently advise our clients when planning their business or vacation visits, ensuring they are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Based in Johannesburg, MAGEN operates throughout South Africa and have been successful in establishing relationships on the rest of the
continent and throughout the rest of the world.



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