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Magen Security
est. 1994

Magen Security is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering personalized, high - quality and cost efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients.

We strive to exceed the requests of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked to ensure that every detail is to your requirements.

Magen security is member of the South Africa PSIRA: "Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority". Registration number: 0935480.

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Be part of the best team

Since 1994 Magen Security has delivered wide range of security services such as guarding, training and other security services. Our Security packages are designed especially for the client with respect to their specific needs and financial capabilities.

Magen Security manages an in-house technical department which allows us to deal with technical issues forthwith and efficiently. We have the skills and experience to do an analysis of your property and provide you with improvements to your existing system and ensure that what you value most is protected.

Offsite Monitoring

Magen Security has monitoring solutions designed to fit any and all of your security needs. Our monitoring packages will bring you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by a state of the art system installed by trained certified technicians thus ensuring you and your family is protect by the best in the business.

Our modern, secure control room is manned around the clock ensuring that alarm activations are dealt with immediately. the clips below are just an illustrations that show how of the offsite system works.

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Attempted Hi-Jacking

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Attempted Break-in

Why Choose

Magen Security

Magen has been operating in your area since 1994 and we have proved ourselves time and time again. We have delivered a wide range of security services that are designed especially for the client, with respect to their specific needs and financial capabilities.

Magen Security manages our own technical department with highly trained technicians who undergo constant courses to ensure that they are kept in tune with the latest technology.

Our experienced management will give you the best and most cost effective, objective and impartial advice after reviewing your exact needs will make recommendations that are suitable for you, your business and your budget

In the recently released crime statistics since 2004 residential robberies have increased by 100% and business robberies especially small and medium business the increase over the same period is a staggering 295%

Magen Security are an area based company which ensures that our vehicles are close by and therefore able to provide a quick response in your time of urgent assistance. We are expanding our services to ensure that you are even more protected and have peace of mind


Magen Security has reliable fleet of tactical response vehicles manned by efficient, highly trained response officers. All of our reaction officers are PSIRA members and have had intensive in house training. Each and every one of our vehicles is branded and has state of the art GPS live tracking.


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