Lie-detector & Background checks


Using special ex SAPs analysts, experts and highly trained inspectors we provides testing and investigations services, we handle any scenario discreet, professional and low key.

Voice Stress Analysis
Lie detector polygraph,
Pre employment screening.

We are able provide intrusion testing and investigations services and to handle all investigations in a confidential and professional manner.

We also provide a background check service, quality control, Investigation, Question and Interrogation Techniques ,Due Diligence, Court appearance, Fraud and business investigations with for companies in the country.

All our operators have an extensive experience and knowledge in Computerized Polygraph testing, Voice Stress Lie detector analysis,

The investigation service team provide business investigation services, legal investigation services and private investigation services. Surveillance and undercover operations agents can work round the clock to obtain important information.


People will often spend a lot of money on security systems to secure their houses or business, but they fail to identify a major threat- That threat comes in the form of inside information!!!

Statistics show that 85% percent of crime in South Africa occurs with the help of an inside person that relays important information to criminals, such as safe locations or security protocols.

What can you do?! EMPLOYEE PROFILING

We will fully profile any employee, and create a full file for the employer (including polygraph test). It’s very relevant if you are hiring a domestic worker.

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