Off Site Monitoring

24/7 offsite live cctv surveillance

Off Site Monitoring

An extremely advanced software based on self learning video analytics technology system. The system learns the environment, detect unusual behaviors and assesses for potential threats. Our smart detection technology works in conjunction with 24/7 live offsite monitoring of the CCTV surveillance System to your business or your home.

License Plate Recognition Camera: the LPR database is linked to SAPS and get updated daily.

The key is prevention:
The world is becoming increasingly aware that off-site monitoring is part of the security industry’s way forward, there are already many sites being protected by off-site monitoring.

As crime increases and threats become real the concept of an additional layer of security is no longer unreachable.

This is the niche where off-site video is giving realtime support in situations of duress and loss prevention via early detection and warning and providing peace-of mind by allowing us to the system to analyze for any suspicious activity.

Conventional offsite monitoring solutions: Monitoring multiple cameras live

  • Too many cameras for a controller to watch at once.
  • Something happens on 1 camera and you miss something happening on another.
  • 95% of what controller is viewing is irrelevant and not a 'security threat'.
  • Average human can only focus for+-45 minutes in this environment.

Our "Smart" Offsite monitoring : Self learning video analytics!

  • System prioritizes 'unusual behaviors' in the form of an alert to the controller
  • Controller deals with 1 alert at a time – (NO ALERTS ARE MISSED)
  • Only behaviors deemed 'unusual' are pushed from system to controller.
  • 95% of false alarms eliminated.
  • Proactive escalation of unusual behaviors.
  • Then a crime is in progress we WILL know.