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Does Vehicle Colour Make a Difference?

Executive Protection

Over the past few decades, executive protection agencies and organisations have traditional adopted black as their vehicle colour of choice. Primarily, this is because, throughout various industries, black is renowned for being a colour that promotes a prestigious and professional appearance to both employees and clients alike. However, in reality, there are no proven benefits or operational advantages to using this colour.

Nowadays, one of the primary objectives of any executive protection mission is to maintain a low profile. With this in mind, an increasing number of security companies are investing in either white or silver vehicles. The advantages of this mean that vehicles can effortlessly blend into the rest of the traffic while remaining inconspicuous while in public spaces. Statistically, the majority of cars on roads around the world are white.

Furthermore, following traditional practices, many protection agencies previously used the same models and vehicle brands in a convoy. The technique was typically implemented so any potential threats would become confused, not knowing which vehicle the VIP was in. However, this is now renowned for being an outdated concept. In the present day, one of the most effective tactics is using two separate and unique vehicles, one to deliver the principle while another extracts them and removes them from the location. This technique is commonly implemented by celebrity protection companies.

Our teams regularly switch the primary delivery vehicle, especially during high-risk missions. This is used as part of our ‘breaking the routine’ tactic which also involves using different routes, varying our primary hotel, implementing various schedules ,use of fake convoys, etc. This is proven to make it increasingly difficult for potential threats and hostiles to follow our VIPs and clients as well as minimising the risk of them gathering crucial information on the VIP and their itinerary.

In my opinion the old fashion concept of black vehicles shouldn’t always apply and shouldn’t be taken as a gospel truth, in fact big black tinted convoy of SUVs will drew a lot of attention, not exactly good if you are trying to keep it on a low profile.

It's a common conception that many executive clients will prioritize style and luxury over safety. In this situation, we should advise that safety is the primary concern. In a situation where the client becomes at risk, it’s their lives that are on the line, so I believe it is our professional part to try to advice them accordingly.