Holiday Security Tips

stay safe and secure

Holiday Security Tips

Below are some simple tips to help you ensure that you and your family enjoy a safe and secure holiday. 


  • Plan your itinerary in advance and give a copy to a friend or neighbor who is staying home.

  • The itinerary should include your accommodation information, travel schedule, and the contact information for each person in your family.

  •  If something should happen, your friend or neighbor will know how to reach you.

  • Create the impression your house is occupied by using a time switch for a light to go on at night.

  • Test your alarm system, electric fencing, locks, etc. leaving enough time to repair any issues before you go.

  • Cancel newspapers and other regular deliveries.

  • Arrange to have your letter/mail box cleared regularly

  • If need be arrange to have your lawn mowed if need be

  • Never tell strangers where you’re staying, how long you’re staying there, or what you’re doing on vacation. While someone may ask well-meaning questions, not everyone has your best interests at heart.

  •  Never let family members wander off alone. 

  • Use the buddy system when you’re not engaged in family activities.

  • Plan when and where you’ll meet up even if each person has a cell phone.

  • Discuss personal safety with each family member. Make sure that young children are always under close and trusted adult supervision.

  • Ensure that they know the name, address and contact number of their parents and who they should approach if they get lost.

  • It is critical that children are taught what to do if a stranger approaches them or tries to lure them away from a safe area.

  • Know where you are going, ensure you know the safest way to get there and ensure your GPS devices are set to avoid dangerous or high-risk areas.

  •  No matter where you are or who you deal with, you should always have the presence of mind to identify potentially hostile situations. Always be aware of your surroundings and environment


Always have the points listed below in mind:

  •  Remain alert 

  •  Having a basic mental plan in the event of an emergency situation 

  •  Be aware of your environment 

  • Looking out for odd or threatening behavior

  • Knowing the location of security personnel 

  • Identifying nearest exits 

  •  Locating stairwells 

  • Taking note of unattended packages or bags


Have a safe and secure holiday.