Build solid reputation

How to Sell and Market Your VIP Executive Protection Services

Build solid reputation

While working in the executive protection industry, we came face to face with some of the most renowned and high-profile clients in the world. No matter what your educational background, nothing can prepare you for working in such close-proximity, forcing you to communicate and interact with these high-worth net clients.

Working in the luxurious market suppliers is different game and challenge. 

As an executive protection service provider, we’re here to share our thoughts not from the operational side but some of my experience on how to communicate to these clients, enabling them to become aware of your protection services as well as the most effective ways to market to them.

Dealing and operating in such a highly diverse market with such high-profile groups and individuals, marketing strategies become very difficult and, at times, will be a challenge. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of simply posting a leaflet through their letterbox.

No matter what executive protection company you are operating or involved with, you consistently have to maintain a highly prestigious service. After all, the product you are supplying is considered a premium service and this is exactly what your clients expect, from start to finish.

You don’t just switch on the marketing engine for the rich.

The main problem that protection organisations face is the challenge of succeeding in every mission. When advertising your services, it’s not a case of simply posting your ads on social media websites and investing for pay-per-click campaigns like a ‘mainstream’ business. For starters, these high-profile customers have a very different mindset to the ‘average’ person. When your clients are paying for such a high-profile service, the price isn’t the main consideration. The quality of service and a proven track record is key.

The usual approach of offering good quality at competitive prices doesn’t normally work. Price is not the only and main factor when you have serious money.

Furthermore, even if you provide what you consider to be an extremely high-quality service, in some cases, this will have no marketing impact on your client as it can be taken for granted. So how can you market your protection services?

What matters most is the brand

In this industry, your biggest and primary selling point is your reputation. Behind your brand, you need to spend serious time in investing in your back story. This is the story that has made your company what it is today. You’ll need to include emotion, the aspects that make your organisation unique and the scarcity of what you provide. You need to invest copious amounts of hours into perfecting this story, carefully choosing the language you use and how this creates an image in the heads of your potential clients. It’s all in the details.

One of the main obstacles that most executive protection companies face is the challenge of initially connecting with these clients. You can’t simply look them up on Facebook and send them a direct message. High-profile invest a lot of time and resources into conserving their privacy in both the physical and digital world.

build solid reputation

With this in mind, a luxurious protection service, such as yours, isn’t launched overnight. You have to integrate yourself into society slowly. You need to build a proven and reputable track record as well as cultivating referrals from your past clients.

If you’re looking to make quick, ‘easy’ money, head for the mass market. However, as stated above, marketing to a wealthy audience is a completely different ball game.

You need to consider your campaign as a long-term investment. It can take an incredibly long time and requires a tonne of patience. You’ll need to invest as much dedication to your project as possible. This will naturally result in you building a solid reputation in the industry. As with any business, you need to start small and work your way up to the top.

In the past, when digital media wasn’t as widely available as it is today, in some cases non-existent, the only way to connect with potential clients was by word of mouth. As you can imagine, it took even longer to build up your network and connections. Face to face interaction was much more prevalent, and service providers had to attend meetings and events to meet new prospects, handing out business cards as you go.

As with anything, the tried and tested methods are the most effective. In Magen Security  (which operate since 1994) we believe in the ‘old-fashioned’ approach of approaching these people face to face, (All of our client reach us by word of mouth) being open and trustworthy with them is the best way to find new clients and opportunities to expand. This is also a much more enjoyable way to market your company. You’ll also receive many more opportunities to learn on how to improve your services and your marketing techniques. Trial and error is key.

Build good chemistry with the client which lead to trust. And trust is the most important, especially in security. In the end the client trust you with his life and you must be loyal to him.

Always remember that executive protection is a very personal service. It’s not like buying a new car, a new watch or jewellery, it’s clients putting their lives in your hands. In any respect, you’re not selling your business; you’re selling yourself as a person and as an individual. You need to connect a build a relationship with your potential future clients. Most importantly, you need to build security and faith in yourself. Loyalty is also essential.

When talking to your potential clients, a common mistake that many people make is belittling the client when they are unknowledge about certain aspects or security procedures. Although sometimes not intentional, in most cases, the prospects simply won’t know or are uneducated in these procedures. This is exactly why they would be hiring you in the first place so don’t offend them.

As a rule of thumb, always remember that many executives and high-profile individuals did not get to where they are today by being naive and will instantly notice when you're offensive, even if no harm is meant. Always remain professional. On the contrary, you don’t have to ‘dumb down’ or simplify security concepts, just be knowledge and judge the right way to explain certain aspects. Use understandable language and promote the actionable outcomes and consequently the benefits.