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Magen Security
est. 1994

Magen is a boutique South African security company dedicated to the provision of excellent security services. We are capable of dealing with all your security needs and offer a complete range, planning, system analysis and design as well as executive services.

Magen Security was established in 1994 by a senior special Defense Force general who went onto a freelance career as a specialist consultant in security related projects. His extensive operational and command experience in specialized areas such as counter terrorism, anti guerrilla warfare, special operations, special weapons and tactics, V.I.P, creating and training elite units makes Magen security a uniquely experienced company.All of our senior management has either military or police experience and this knowledge is passed onto our other personnel and have acquired an in depth perspective of South African trends and conditions.

Each and every one of our personnel have and will continue to acquire the professional knowledge and skills required to perform their tasks and will implement them while striving continuously to perfect their personal and collective achievements.

Why Choose

Magen Security

Magen has been operating in your area since 1994 and we have proved ourselves time and time again. We have delivered a wide range of security services that are designed especially for the client, with respect to their specific needs and financial capabilities.

Magen Security manages our own technical department with highly trained technicians who undergo constant courses to ensure that they are kept in tune with the latest technology.

Our experienced management will give you the best and most cost effective, objective and impartial advice after reviewing your exact needs will make recommendations that are suitable for you, your business and your budget

In the recently released crime statistics since 2004 residential robberies have increased by 100% and business robberies especially small and medium business the increase over the same period is a staggering 295%

est. 1994